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Boys with long hair are cute

January 29th, 2016

Boys with long hair are cute

Ever since I was sixteen and I fell in love with Anthony Kiedis. I mean, what not to love?

I knew when the time came for me to be a mama, my sons would rock the long hair. Diego was born with beautiful ringlets, and I couldn bear to cut them. It gave me heart pains. So he wore his hair long for about six years. We got asked how old our was quite often, if though was wearing jeans, an Adidas t shirt and a hoodie.

Eventually, I got tired of having to visit the barber every three weeks, I threw caution to the wind. Long hair all around! My wallet was definitely happier.

There was a time when you couldn find young boys with long hair. Short, cropped styles was the norm. But it really common now. For my family, it was a way to express their individuality. But really, because they just have really good hairrr. Of course, there are the long hair haters. Those are the ones always offering free haircuts.

I admit, I have my moments when I am so over the long hair. When I have to buy the bazillion ounce bottle of conditioner from Costco. When they steal my $20 paddle brush and leave it full of hair, lint and crust. When their idea of washing it means a splash of warm water over their foreheads. When it 100 degrees out and they are a hot, sweaty mess. That when I fight the urge to buzz it clean off.

I recently cut Diego hair short. Like, clippers and razor blade short. He turned into this very handsome young man right before my eyes. It makes me look at my other three boys and contemplate the same kind of cut. But they are holding onto their long locks. They like the long, skater look. And since they are skater boys who love to skate, its makes sense.

And let be realistic. They never get away with this look again. Not to mention the fact that they might not have the luxury of a full head of hair when they are older. So let let the long hair have it day. In fact I saw him first from behind and thought he was a girl. (Hey, it was 1993, and he was in a band!) My son was born with thick curly red hair just like momma and I left it longish for quite awhile. Just after his 5th b day in May he
tedhair asked to have his hair cut like his friend. I was shocked since his friend is buzzed and told him to wait until graduation to be sure. Well he still wanted it and we went for it. He looked adorable!! We just had it done again to get ready for school. I love shower time now!! of course, my daughter is still a pain in the butt with her long hair! =)

I utterly jealous. I love long hair and when I was preggers I had every intention of letting my son curls (that he would inherit from me) run wild. Unfortunately he got his father hair which just will not cooperate! My husband likes (and wants) long hair too, but if he lets it grow much longer than a few inches it starts to thin out really abruptly and just looks awful. The boy hair does this too, so the best I can get is a shorter version of that shaggy mop do that all the boy bands are sporting right now.

My son had his curls until my daughter hair came in, until he was about 3 1/2, and even after that trips to the hairdresser meant him leaving with hair as long as the other kids coming in. This summer we went for the faux hawk with his initials shaved into the sides and he loves it. He 7, so I figure he can do what he wants and I know the curls won really come back like they were before I cut my daughter at 4 (she really wanted it, and I knew it would happen, happened to my own at the same age) and they don come back now my 3 year old, well good luck to her. She is the last so I might never let go of those ringlets.

My oldest son (hubbys kid, I adopted him after we got married) had almost a buzz cut when we got together. He absolutely hates hair cuts. Hubbys ex used to buzz my sons head which is part of why he hates it so much. We had just been letting it go and it was all shaggy and surfer dude like (so cute!), but, the school started btching about it because can see what he doing so we cut it, and now I just use clippers on it but do it where he still has quite a bit and it still shaggy It suits him. Our younger son (bio to both) well, I just can bring myself to cut it yet. He still has a head full of the curls (he 18 months) but it does kind of suck when we go out and people are like, so cute, how old is She? it gets on my nerves. I asked our older son what he thought, if we should cut the babys hair, to which he responded, NO. I thought it was awesome I don think we cut his hair until he in school. I can already put it in one of the little baby ponytails and I think it adorable, but the hubby doesn really care for it.

This Internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. If you have any concerns about your own health or the health
clip in hair wholesale of your child, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.

A Checklist for Cleaning a Salon with Pictures

January 27th, 2016

A Checklist for Cleaning a Salon with Pictures

WashMake sure to keep up with laundry. Always clean towels and capes so their availability does not run out.

If your salon uses glasses or mugs for beverages, make sure to clean them thoroughly. Clients want to drink out of clean cups, so they need to look immaculate. Don’t forget to clean the coffee pot.

Color bowls and bottles need to be cleaned immediately after use. Don’t let them pile up in the sink or on counters. If they are not cleaned right away, the potential arises for an even bigger mess through any accidental spills.

Wipe down anything that shows smudging or dirt. Windows and mirrors need a daily cleaning. Work stations should be cleaned of any hair dye or hair product. Buildup from hair products can start to coat a work station, so make sure to wipe them down regularly.

Hair RemovalSweep floors after a haircut. A pile of hair on the floor is unsightly and it can also be slippery, which is a hazard to all. Make sure to sweep under work stations and even in the back room; hair piles can travel so do not just sweep in the obvious areas.

Amazing Hairstyles for Dip

January 26th, 2016

Amazing Hairstyles for Dip

Did You Know?You can dip dye your hair using food coloring! Which means that you can color your hair as many times as you like without damaging it.

Dip dyed hair is by far the hottest trend that is doing the rounds lately and these hot splashes of color are spreading like wildfire! There is something for everyone, and it’s all about choosing the color combination that defines you for that day, week, month, or season. Anyone who is stylish enough to brave this revived hairstyle trend is welcome aboard to dive deep into the art of dip dying tresses. These days it is hard to not spot a starlet sporting a dip dyed hairdo on the red carpet and with that, it is natural to have the trend pouring into the mainstream fashion among the lesser mortals.

While the dip dyed effect is conventionally applied on longish hair, the recent trend suggests that taking chances with updos is becoming equally popular. After all, if everyone starts looking the same, it’s time to start making some visible changes. Here are some amazing hairstyles for dip dyed hair on Buzzle, that look great on just about anyone!

The Ombr look is for keeps because not all ladies appreciate bright vibrant colors, at least not on their hair. For the traditional brunette, the sober and time tested formula of combining shades of brown and blond is still the safest thing to do. Bronde and balayage are some more familial shades of blond that look absolutely gorgeous! Those who wish to maintain the length of their hair and not snip the last season’s regrowth, can work around the faded ends to give a brand new dip dyed effect. Much like Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Ciara, the ladies out there can also take the added risk of adding a few dipped highlights on the upper shaft of their hair, and let the color flow into the ends. The dip dye looks stunning on hairstyles such as the pixie, quiff, and even the outrageous mohawk! The slightly grown out shorter hairdos such as the buzz cut can be dipped in some of the hottest colors of this season, which include black, silver, and all shades of blue, green, pink, and purple. Do not hesitate to spike up or side sweep your dyed hair. You could also choose to color the longer sides of the hair with a darker shade and lighten the shading as it reaches the super cropped ends.

8 Vitamins and Minerals that Affect Hair Loss

January 25th, 2016

8 Vitamins and Minerals that Affect Hair Loss

It’s no secret that many people in our society don’t eat the proper foods on a daily basis. Although fitness and health have become more prominent in people’s minds, fast food and snacks have also become an integral part of our lives. Even if you’re young and thin enough that you don’t think your eating habits are taking any tolls on your body, there are so many ways that lack of proper diet does affect your body systems later on in life. For example, a lack of essential vitamins can result in hair loss when the hair follicles don’t get the nutrients they need to stay healthy, or an excess of certain vitamins can cause your hair to fall out.

Vitamin A is a good example of something that seems like you should get a lot of it, but if you take A supplements, you can easily overdo. This vitamin is not water soluble and leads to hair loss when taken excessively. Even though it is an antioxidant, and you’ve heard plenty of good things about those, you can definitely take too much of a good thing with vitamin A.

You’ll want to consume plenty of milk, egg yolks, and yeast in order to get your requirement of biotin (aka Vitamin H). This is the vitamin that has the biggest effect on helping you retain your hair and even keeping it from graying. Protein is another component of health that will help feed your hair and keep it strong. This nutrient is found in meat and poultry and has been found to be the material that 90% of hair is made up of. This is one of the reasons why it is found in so many types of shampoos and conditioners.

In the case of the B vitamins, though, the hair loss you may sustain is a good thing. B vitamins strengthen hair follicles and make your hair less prone to damage. Therefore, you want to have an intake of plenty of B vitamins such as are found in whole grains, bananas, potatoes and beans. B is another one of the antioxidants as are A and E. These vitamins are responsible for flushing the impurities out of your body, boosting your immune system, and making hair strong and healthy.

Lack of iron or zinc can be the culprits when you are experiencing abnormal hair loss. Being sure that you eat foods containing plenty of these minerals is essential to regrowing the hair you have lost. An added benefit to consuming plenty of red meat, which contains high concentrations of zinc, is that it has been proven to improve a person’s sex life. A third mineral, Pantothenic Acid, is also critical to a healthy scalp. It’s one of the vital components in a cell that converts food to energy. When your body is lacking in this essential nutrient, not only will you experience hair loss, but you can also become constipated or develop one of many other ailments.

It’s easy to get lulled into thinking that since your hair is on the outside of your body, it shouldn’t matter what you put into your body because it can’t possibly affect it. However, when you know a bit more about how your body works, you’ll begin to understand why the right vitamins and minerals are necessary in order for you to be healthy and to have a full head of hair.

Hair Salon Longwood

January 13th, 2016

Hair Salon Longwood

Unfortunately you were never blessed with luscious long locks or volumous thick tresses of hair and spent most of your life envying people who did, forever imagining how you would look with better hair. Hair can completely change a look and this is why so many people are now opting for hair extensions which can instantly change your hairstyle in length, thickness and even colour giving you a total revamp! They can be attached to your natural hair using many different methods available today. For example, there are methods such as bonding, cold and warm fusion, sew in, braid in, heat sealed in and even clipped in extensions. Visit your nearest hair salon and discuss with your hairstylist which method would suit you most depending on your individual need. The hair that is used can be synthetic or human and varies in price and quality. Overall hair extensions can be quite pricey and more so if you opt for a better quality hair product but completely worth it in the long run as you want to make sure your natural hair is kept in a good condition throughout. You’ll be amazed with the results and will be able to use all your hairstyling gadgets and treat your new hair as if it were your own.

The System will not harm your hair. The ready made bonds have been designed to melt at a low temperature to protect fine and course hair alike. The extensions are flexible and blend with your own hair to create a natural overall finish. They are easy to apply and just as easy to remove.

and Garlic Sauce over Angel Hair Pasta Recipe

January 3rd, 2016

and Garlic Sauce over Angel Hair Pasta Recipe

Bring a large pot of water to a boil and prepare an ice water bath. Cut a small "x" on the bottom of each tomato. In batches, place the tomatoes in the boiling
tedshair water and blanch them for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, or until the skins are easy to
tedhair peel away. Remove and immediately plunge into the ice
tedshair bath. Peel the tomatoes and halve horizontally. Squeeze out the seeds, using your fingers to get them all. Roughly chop the peeled and seeded tomatoes. Set aside. (You can also use whole peeled canned tomatoes. Simply drain them, seed, and roughly chop).

Heat a large saute pan over medium high heat. Add the olive oil and heat. When the oil is hot, add the onions and garlic and saute for 2 minutes. Add the thyme leaves, oregano sprig, and chili flakes and saute until the garlic begins to turn golden brown. Add the tomatoes and the sugar and stir well. Lower the heat and cook slowly until the mixture is fairly dry, about 15 minutes.

Cook the angel hair pasta in boiling, salted water until al dente. Drain the
tedshair pasta and add it to the sauce. Add the Parmesan and basil and toss well. Place in a large pasta bowl and garnish with Parmesan and basil sprigs.

4 Bizarrely Specific Things Being Taken Over

December 24th, 2015

4 Bizarrely Specific Things Being Taken Over

It’s not uncommon for a single region to take over production of a particular item or skill. Most of the electronics in your house were probably made in China, the last three customer service calls you made were most likely all rerouted to Mumbai, and most cats are born in the fiery depths of Hell. Sometimes, for wacky historical reasons, a single country will take over something no one would expect. For example.

4. Popular Music Is Being Taken Over by Sweden

Back in this article, I mentioned that a big chunk of the music on your radio is now being produced by just two really talented guys. One of these guys, Max Martin, comes from Sweden, and his cavalry charge through the music industry holding a blue and yellow flag is well demonstrated in the following video. Warning: the first half may induce some heavy nineties flashbacks.

When you consider Swedish musicians like Avicii and Swedish producers like RedOne, who co produced most of Lady Gaga’s stuff, it’s not surprising
tedhair reviews that Sweden is the largest per capita exporter of pop music in the world and the third largest overall. You can thank me in the comments, ladies.

How Did That Happen?

You know that one guy who is always saying that all the world’s problems can be fixed with education? Well, when the problem you’re trying to fix is "my country doesn’t export enough pop music," that dude may actually be right. In the 1940s, the Swedish government started a bunch of low cost music schools to lead its children toward egalitarian musical greatness. Unlike American music schools, which generally provide select training for the small number of kids who are talented enough, Sweden’s schools aim at generalized musical education for all. One in three Swedish students now attends publicly funded after school music programs, and the Swedish government also subsidizes music outside of the classroom, with some musicians even being given money just to rehearse. So the next time you hear a catchy song with oddly ungrammatical lyrics on the radio, thank Sweden’s generous socialist government."I could forgive Stalinist purges, but not this."

3. The World’s Fanciest Hair Extensions All Come From India

Hair extensions are big business. Who doesn’t want waist length hair without having to go through that awkward "growing out a mullet" stage? And because reality is creepier than any Japanese horror movie, the best ingredient for producing good hair extensions is other human hair. Some of this human hair comes from China and Eastern Europe, but Indian hair is generally the most highly valued. Every year, India exports oodles of high quality hair
tedhairs to adorn the scalps of the world’s women and men who are really serious about headbanging.

How Did That Happen?

Many Indian women don’t cut, treat, or
tedhair reviews blow dry their hair at all, which makes for long, thick, healthy tresses that cause hair extension companies to go all gooey on the inside."Les Miserables cosplay is in this year, ma’am. That’s all I’m saying."

But it’s not just haircare competence that makes India a popular target. Another factor is a religious practice that’s common in Southern India. Devotees of Venkateswara, an avatar of the god Vishnu, traditionally offer their hair to the deity after receiving good news: if your kid does well in school, or you give birth to a healthy child, or you get an extra chicken nugget in your bag several
tedhairs times in a row, you can pay Venkateswara back for this good fortune with a nice hair gift. The temples that perform the ritual shaving collect the devotees’ hair and sell it via online auction. Hair extension companies then chemically treat the hair, dye it to the desired color, and sell it for big bucks overseas. The business isn’t as cynical as it sounds: profits from the hair auctions go to the temples, which put the money back into local welfare and infrastructure. A review of the collecta device dacentrurus dinosaur themed phone

November 17th, 2015

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November 17th, 2015

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November 16th, 2015

we know we need to check it out

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